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As one of our great mates always says.. "Wrap your laughing gear around that!"

Brunch/All day
Freshly Baked Banana Bread 4
Nutella Pancake Stack 16

Toasted or Fresh with Cinnamon butter (V)(GFO)

3 Pancakes stacked and topped with Nutella, whipped cream, Berry's, Persian fairy floss

Toasts - Raisin or Plain 4.5/6

Two Slices with your choice of spread (V)(GFO)

Eggs Your way 12
Berry Pancake Stack 16

3 Pancakes stacked and topped with mixed forest berries, whipped cream and maple syrup

The Banjo BnE 15

Eggs the way you like it on toasted sourdough (GFO)

Bacon and Egg Roll on a brioche bun w hash brown, rocket and house made onion, chili, and tomato jam ADD Sausage, avocado (GFO)

The Crossing’s full English 25

Sausage, bacon, and eggs (scrambled, poached, or fried), baked beans, black pudding, hash browns, garlic mushrooms, roast tomato and two slices of thick cut sourdough toast. (GFO)

Avo Toast 14
The Crossing Burger 17

Avocado on sourdough with a little fresh red chili, marinated feta and Extra virgin olive oil ADD: Caramelised balsamic vinegar (V)(GFO)

Chicken Schnitzel Burger 17

Handmade 250g beef patty, Smokey cheddar, caramelized onion jam and Hickory BQQ Sauce ADD: Fried egg pineapple, bacon, avocado, beef patty, chicken breast (GFO)

Breakfast Bruschetta 14

Thick Sourdough toast with freshly chopped cherry tomatoes, beetroot, pickled red onions, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese crisps (V)(GFO)

House made chicken schnitzel, spinach, crumbly cheddar and aioli on a milk bun. (GFO)

The VG Fritter 14
Steak Sandwich 19

Sweet Potato, Corn and parsley with avocado and house made relish (Ve,GF)

Crumbly aged mature cheddar, Caramelized red onion and spring onion (GFO)

Bowl of Hot Chips - 5
Kid's menu available

Please ask staff in store


Hash browns (3), avocado (3), roast tomato (3), halloumi (4), bacon (4), mushroom (3), grilled chorizo (4), spinach (2.5), fetta (3),

extra beef patty (5), extra chicken breast (6), Toast Slice (3), GF option (3), Egg (2)

SAUCES: Tomato, BBQ, Hickory BBQ, Tomato Jam, Mayo and Aioli

Fresh Juice 

Espresso – 3

Macchiato – 3

Long Black – 4/4.50

Flat White – 5/4.50

Latte – 4/4.50

Cappuccino – 4/4.50

Piccolo – 3.50

Mocha – 4/4.50

Chai Latte – 4/4.50

Iced Latte – 5

Iced Coffee – 5.50

Iced Frappe – 5.50

Iced Chai Latte – 5.50

Babyccino - Free with any purchase

Orange – 7.50

Freshly cut oranges blended


Fruity – 7.50

Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple, mint


Seasonal Green – 7.50

Kiwi lemon, apple, cucumber


Seasonal Cleanser – 7.50

 Orange, Carrot, Ginger


Earl Grey

English Breakfast



Lemongrass and Ginger


Takeaway – 4

Pot to sit in – 6







Kidies – 4.50

Regular – 6

Alternate Milks: Soy, almond, Oat, Lactose Free +50c, Extra shot of coffee


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